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About Antoine Maurice King

Antoine Maurice King grew up in the Bronx New York. He comes from a musical background. Antoine self taught himself to play the drums, piano and several other instruments. He was the local DJ and music producer growing up. As a teen he scored a management deal with Dennis Bell who was managing Dougie Fresh and Slick Rick at the time. He decided not to go with the contract that he was given. Antoine was always an entrepreneur. He started a show on public access called Quick Flicks that conducted interviews with up and coming film makers.

 In 2006 Antoine founded www.spatemedia.info with his partner Rondell Maddox. They quickly became the go to guys to do celebrity interviews because of viral content they created online. After only a month of starting the media brand they were working with A list celebrities like Nicki Minaj, 50 cent, Pit Bull, Bun B and many more. The podcast came next and their interviews went viral with Nicki Minaj hanging up on Antoine for asking a question about a rival rapper. After releasing tons of viral content Antoine is seen as being a expert in marketing. Today major labels and major TV networks work with the Spate Media brand to launch new shows and artists. Antoine also works as a business consultant. 

Most recently he decided to launch his clothing brand in 2019.

Antoine actually came up with the idea to do a clothing line 25 years ago but he felt he didn't have the resources to really make it happen. Antoine loves every aspect of fashion from pattern making to designing clothing with the latest software. Antoine is currently working on a influencer program that will help build future stars. Antoine also holds a AA, BSIT and pursuing his MBA in Technology managment.


Antoine Maurice King was founded in the Bronx and comfort is very important to the brand. We plan to start with very simple t-shirt designs and sneakers and then expand with Amaur Lux luxury clothing.

Simple is key

Our sneaker designs with reflect what our customers want. If they want more intricate designs then that's what we will bring. For now we will stick with simple and comfortable clothing and shoes.